Thursday, February 28, 2008

Potty training!

Tom: Hi, I'm Tom Googler and -

Trix: - and I'm Trix Googler! We have SIX children. SIX! One set of twins, and one set of quadruplets! How will we ever afford the basic necessities?

Tom: Like food!

Trix: And ski trips to Utah!

Tom: I finished building the greenhouse, so we can save money by growing our own organic food.

Trix: Our Tricia is turning into quite the little gardener! She won't go to bed until she's done pulling the weeds!

Tricia: Mommy said we'd starve unless I took good care of the plants.

Tom: Kids say the darndest things!

Tammy: I'm not doing any stupid gardening. Daddy said I could eat supper with the rest of the family if I raked leaves.

Trix: We have been blessed by someone that loves our family! Big Ed from Big Ed's Audio & TV gave us a new TV! So we can watch educational programs! We really appreciate Big Ed's Audio & TV, home of satellite TV!

Tom: It helped to take the stress out of potty training four toddlers -

Trix: Four toddlers! Potty training quadruplets! It's so exhausting! But it had to be done!

Tammy: Tracey pooped in her underwears!

Trix: I was tired of walking into the nursery and smelling poop! I'm exhausted!

Trix: Tom wants to get a promotion and a better salary, but he couldn't study and learn new skills when he had to keep changing diapers!

Tom: We were blessed to have my great-great-aunt Jenny come over and do the housecleaning while we were doing potty training.

Trix: She loves us so much! With her helping around the house, I was able to get some R&R. Because I'm SO EXHAUSTED looking after six kids! SIX!

Trix: Potty training wasn't going very well. Would they ever learn? I was EXHAUSTED!

Tom: And I was trying to teach the babies to speak at the same time.

Tom: Can you say "Thanks for the free high chairs, Frank's Family Furniture, located downtown on 7th Avenue with free parking?"
Travis: Ahbugpfffst!

Trix: We really appreciate the free high chairs! I use them all the time when feeding the quadruplets organic mush! It's EXHAUSTING making organic mush, but the high chairs clean up so quickly!

Tammy: Thank great-great-great Auntie Jenny for the clean high chairs!

Tom: Finally, Tracey figured out how to use a potty! We had a toddler out of diapers!

Trix: Tim pooped in the potty right after Tracey! Yay Tim!

Tom: While Travis was a little slower to get out of diapers...

Trix: ... he got potty trained soon!

Tom: During all of this training -

Trix: - this EXHAUSTING training -

Tom: - one of our toilets got clogged. For some reason, our toilets clog a lot.

Trix: I couldn't BELIEVE the plumber! We told her we were the FAMOUS Googler family with SIX kids - and she charged us full price!

Trix: I mean, we are living on ONE salary and I am SO EXHAUSTED from picking up after the kids - wait - why is an upstairs toy in the downstairs toy box?!? I CAN'T TAKE THIS ANY MORE!

Tom: I made supper for everyone that night while Trix rested and watched some TV.

Trix: I'm FINE, I'm just - hey, old woman! You're blocking my view of All My Children!

Tricia: Great-great-great Auntie Jennie doesn't babysit for us now.

Tammy: Mommy says she doesn't love us any more.

Tom: Finally, our potty training nightmare ended, when Tara figured it all out.

Trix: We all slept very well that night!

Tammy: 'Cept for Tricia. She had to spray the plants for bugs.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Meet us!

Hi! We're Tom and Trix! We needed fertility treatments to have our set of twins, and we wanted just one more baby, so we underwent more treatments. But instead of one more baby, we got FOUR! That's TWO sets of MULTIPLES! We have SIX CHILDREN!

Tom: I work as an IT professional.

Tom: When I get home from work, I take care of the children while Trix rests.

Tom: I'm also building a greenhouse so we can feed organic food to our children. Trix keeps me very busy but I've trained myself to survive on three hours of sleep.

Tom: I might sleep better if I weren't so worried about paying our bills.

Trix: I quit my job to become a stay-at-home mom. I love being a mommy!

Trix: I am always EXHAUSTED looking after our children, and cleaning everything in the house at least three times a day.

Trix: Fortunately, we have lots of friends who love us and who help us out a lot. They play with the children, they babysit every Friday, why, they even fold our laundry!

Tom: Tricia is Mommy's helper. She loves to make beds and to play with the babies!

Trix: Tammy is our free spirit. Every day, we pray that she stops playing so much, and helps out around the house. Honestly, those carpets aren't going to vacuum themselves! Would it kill her to cook supper and change diapers and do all the ironing?

Tom: You may remember that in our first TV special, we were driving a used vehicle because that's all we could afford.

Tom: Jim Bob's Cars & Trucks saw how small our car was, and gave us a mini-van! We really appreciate Jim Bob's Cars & Trucks!!!

Trix: And we were in a teeny-tiny house in the last special. I really love this picture of our family with our old house.

Trix: But House Depot built us this new house. We really appreciate House Depot! Although I wish the house was bigger.

Tom: This is all we have time for right now. Join us for next week, when we try to potty train FOUR toddlers at the same time!
Trix: Tracey poops in her underwears!
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