Sunday, March 16, 2008

We go on a trip!

Tom: Hi, I'm Tom Goo-

Trix: - and I'm Trix! We're the Googlers! We have SIX children! Two twins! Four quadruplets! Yikes!

Tom: So the quads are learning how to walk, and that's very exciting.

Trix: But what is really exciting that a lodge in Utah gave us a free trip! I hoped I would get a massage! I'm EXHAUSTED!

Tom: Our friends Stephen and Zelda -

Trix: - who LOVE us -

Tom: - agreed to come along and help with the quadruplets.

Trix: We REALLY appreciate their help!

Tom: We had to leave at 4 am, which was a little crazy.

Trix: Tom, I told you why, so the babies would sleep on the plane!

Tom: We didn't count on a layover in Sioux City. It was snowing really bad so they put us in the VIP lounge at the airport to wait it out.

Trix: VIP lounge, my ass. It was a horrible plain little room and we were stuck there with SIX KIDS.

Tom: Well, we had toys for the kids and some books and magazines.

Trix: Not good enough! They should have given us a room with a TV! Or some free Ipods!

Tom: Okay, it was a challenge trying to keep the kids happy.

Trix: Tammy picked the wrong time to try and hug Mommy. I was EXHAUSTED!

Trix: I may have gone a little crazy in there. I was so EXHAUSTED! I decided to take everyone's misery onto myself! I cried for everyone!

Tom: I don't think it helped, honey.

Tom: Finally we got to Utah and the lodge.

Trix: It was all right. I replaced all the carpets and bedding so that we wouldn't come into contact with anyone's germs.

Tom: The kids and I liked it. It was hard to get the twins to bed, they were so excited to see all the snow.

Trix: I had no problems getting to sleep. I was EXHAUSTED!

Tom: The next morning, Stephen and Zelda took care of the quadruplets and I took the twins out for skating lessons.

Trix: I had woken up with the worst headache of my entire life, so I slept in while everyone else got ready. A massage made me feel all better!

Tom: Skating didn't go well at first.

Tom: But we had lots of fun. It was really great to spend time with just the twins. I made sure to spend some alone time with each of my girls.

Tom: I was really surprised by how quickly Tricia picked up skating. She was able to do some twirls!

Trix: I made organic hot cocoa for everyone. And cleaned to my heart's content.

Tom: That night, Stephen and Zelda watched the kids while Trix and I had a romantic supper.

Trix: Because we REALLY appreciate their help, we gave them the mints off of our pillows!

Tom: The next morning, Stephen and Zelda took the twins skiing. I took the quadruplets outside so they could play in the snow.

Trix: Just think of the memories they will have!

Tom: I had so much fun with them. I don't know why Trix can't handle all four at once at home.

Trix: Because I'm always EXHAUSTED! But I wasn't exhausted after my morning massage!

Tom: You even came outside!

Trix: I did! I loathe snow, I despise winter, I hate everything outdoors, actually. Germs are everywhere! But we got free winter jackets so I thought I ought to wear mine at least once.

Tom: And we REALLY appreciate the free winter coats and skates from Mountain Lodge Gear!

Trix: The lodge was just beautiful. Tammy really had fun in the pool, after I disinfected it.

Tom: And Tricia learned how to play "Chopsticks" on the piano in the lobby. If only we had a piano at home.

Trix: And a violin! Wouldn't it be great if we had a piano and a violin?

Trix: When we found out I was pregnant with the quadruplets, we thought we would never be able to afford trips, but now we can!

Tom: Technically, we can't afford trips, this one was free.

Trix: Shut up, Tom.

Tom: It was a great vacation. I found a secret map to a secret location, and I met Bigfoot! It turns out he likes to play hacky-sack.

Trix: I had so many great massages. And I enjoyed the sauna too!

Tom: I got to spend lots of time with the twins and we had a lot of fun, just the three of us.

Trix: Did the lodge people ever explain how a penguin was running loose? Talking about architecture?

Tom: They said it escaped from a zoo.

Trix: We couldn't have a vacation without Tammy doing something to screw it up. She's into bug collecting now, and she got stung by a bunch of bees.

Tom: So we went home on a low note. But we REALLY appreciated the trip!

Trix: And for once - I wasn't exhausted!
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